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SuperHero Pro


מוד סופר הירו מטורף שכולל 100 שלבים! פקודות למוד Admin Commands: Code: ·amx_shsetlevel - gives the player a certain level ( amx_shsetlevel Gigi 5 - si Gigi is passed to level 5 superhero ) ·amx_shsetxp - sets the player's xp ·amx_shaddxp - adds xp to the player/players ·amx_shban - bans the player from using the powers ·amx_shunban - unbans the player ·amx_shresetxp - erases all the xp from all the players includig the ones that are not on the server at that moment User Commands: Code: ·say /superherohelp or /help - opens a helping mod window ·say /herolist - shows the list of available heros ·say /playerskills - shows every player's skills ·say /playerlevels - shows the levels of the players ·say /myheroes - shows the heros you have already chosen and the bids that you have already made ·say /clearpowers - is used to erase all your powers (in case you want to chose other heroes) ·say /showmenu - shows you the powers menu in case you can chose heroes ·say /drop - is used to "through away" a hero in case you want another ·say /whohas - shows who has that hero.

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